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Welcome to the start of what we hope to be the best dive portal on the web.

This project was created to fill a gap in the diving information found on the internet. When planning a diving trip it is hard to select a dive center just based on their website or a quick phone call. Our goal is to provide divers with a directory of every dive center in the world with reviews from other divers. We hope that it will make booking your next dive trip a breeze.

Dive Center Owners - Claim Your Listing

iDive Central Team is happy to announce that dive center owners can now claim their listing. The process is easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Create an account on our site using an official email for your center.
  2. Go to your dive center listing and click on the Claim This Dive Center button.
  3. Fill in the form with as much contact information as you can provide.

Our New Look

We have rolled out a new look for the site. Our hope is that you will like what you see. Special thanks to Jamas, one of our community members, for the photos used to make the banners.

As always we continue to work on making the site more useful. Provide your feedback, about the new look or any other functionality, in the comments below.

The curse of spam

Well sadly iDive Central has been inundated with people creating accounts simply to post spam on the site. So to combat this there are some new rules for creating an account.

First you must create an account through the normal process at the top left sidebar. This will send you an email with a password and a login link. Click on the link and set your password. At this point you will be an authenticated user. However, you will not be allowed to post anything on the site.

iDive Central Updates June 2009

While the look of the site still needs a lot of work we now have working reviews of dive centers. There are probably still some bugs but go ahead and write a few reviews. Your feedback is always welcome.

iDive Central Updates Feb 2009

We hope that you have been enjoying iDiveCentral. This month we have added some more features to make the site more useful to you.

First up there is the Quick Finder on the left hand sidebar. If you know the name of a dive shop just start typing it in, then click search. This makes getting back to your favourite dive centers easy.

On the top bar try out the new filtered search. Results are listed by dive centers current rank. You can filter out by country, province/state and city.

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